Born and raised in La Vernia, TX. My husband and I know what good food should taste like. My mom and dad sent our family some Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey. I enjoy it every morning in my hot tea. Half a teaspoon of the cream honey is enough to add the perfect combination of mild sweetness to my tea, and a taste of Texas every morning both of which knock down the Washington morning chill. Thank you for the superb taste and texture of your cream honey. I am eager to try more honey products from Fowler’s.



I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your honey. I usually buy it at the meat market Granzin’s. We were in an IGA store in Port Aransas. I bought a small honey bear jar. I want to tell you it was like it was watered down ! I usually buy the qt. jar once a month. What a difference. I just wanted to let you know.



I have had a lot of honey in my day, since I put it on everything from hamburger to apples! In June we were visiting with friends in Bandera TX and picked some up at the local store. Couldn’t wait to try it and it was worth the wait. I can honestly say this is the best!!!



I’ve lived in the Texas Hill Country, on and off, for close to 40 years. I used to get hit pretty bad by Cedar fever every few years, along with being bothered by ragweed and oak pollen. Growing up, I would get allergy shots, along with other meds, that did some but not a lot of good. As an adult, I just suffered and tried to get by with over-the-counter meds. Three years ago I started taking a tablespoon (or more) of local, raw, pure un-filtered and un-pasteurized honey everyday after reading that it would help to build up a tolerance to local pollens. I found your honey at a local feed store and have never looked back. Not only is it the best tasting honey out there, but I haven’t had a sniffle, red puffy eyes or nary a sneeze since. While the FDA won’t allow you to make any such claims, I can tell you that without a doubt, it works! Thank you for providing a tasty, natural (organic?) and healthy product.



Months back, I bought a bottle of your original honey at a meat market in Marion. Just loved it, but I forgot to save the bottle so I could remember the name. Took me researching “local honey” a bit before I found your site and am so glad I did. Local raw honey is one of the best treatments for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, by the way, and yours has the added benefit of being the best honey I have ever had.


During a recent spring “wine tasting and wildflower tour” of the beautiful hill country, I purchased a jar of your yummy Texas Cream Honey! Wow, what a delicious treat, especially on my breakfast toast or in my bowl of oatmeal! No need for butter with this wonderful honey and a little goes a long way! However, the jar is empty today. Now I am hoping for a few more jars from my daughter for a mother’s day gift. (I sent her your web site) My hubby and I retired and moved from Big D to the rural piney woods of East Texas ten years ago. We have learned to appreciate even more wholesome, natural foods and enjoy our own vegetable garden and wild berries.

Thanks Fowler Family and staff!


Hello Fowler Family, We were recently in the hill country taking the wine tasting and wild flower tour. In a gift shop near Dripping Springs, we stopped for a quick look and I bought a jar of your Texas Cream Honey. Oh my, what a delicious treat. My hubby and I have been enjoying it on our breakfast breads and just a little is all it takes, no butter needed, to make a yummy breakfast. We will be ordering more very soon. It is good to know you have gift baskets available for special occasions. We retired to the piney woods of East Texas ten years ago from Dallas and have learned to appreciate homemade foods.



I heard so much about your HONEY and I have several ailments that I understand the dark honey could possibly help. Is there a way I can order from your company?

Kerrville, Texas


Like all the other comments, your honey is the best we have ever tasted. Bought some a while back, while we were on a road trip, and couldn’t remember where we bought it and was at the meat market in New Braunfels, Texas last week end and saw it on the shelf and bought another jar, now on the internet saw you have syrup also, will be ordering that from you and know it will be just as good as the honey. The first time we bought it there was not an internet address on the jar, even called brother in law that lives in La Vernia and asked him if he knew where your business was and he didn’t know, sure was glad that we found it again and can order it. I will be ordering some gift baskets for Christmas gifts. Thank you for making such good honey.

Garden Ridge, Texas


We purchased 10 acres in New Berlin our goal to build a home someday there. We started eating at all the little diners around and I decided to try your honey. I didn’t really like honey but wow I loved it. I just tried the cream honey today and yummm.. I make a killer BBQ sauce with your honey. Thanks for all the hard work providing this honey to our area. I give the Honey Bears as little gifts and everyone freaks over it. One weird question is if you make honey on Ag-exempt land does it qualify for Ag Exempt? Just wondering if you ever needed any other places for the honey bee boxes.. at this time we have a farmer haying the land to keep our Ag exempt. But in case he ever gets tired of haying just wondering.. :-)



I would love to visit La Vernia in order to try and to buy some of your products. I was just wondering where in La Vernia can I buy them? Thank you for your time, your dedication and hard work!



I made a pot of tea, and poured into my favorite cup. The first cup I sweetened w/ Fowler honey, the second cup with honey from another ‘local manufacturer’. Fowler honey is by far the better honey! P.S. are you guys on Facebook? I am a fan! (Can I drive to the honey farm to purchase, or do I need to purchase at a retail store?)



I picked up your honey at Lubyanskys in Floresville while getting feed… that is the best honey I have ever had!!!! I took it to work and now co-workers are having me pick up jars for them…



I bought your honey at a restaurant while on vacation in TX. They served it there and it is fabulous. I had to bring some home to MA. It goes great with biscuits and butter and chamomile tea!!!



Hello, I just tried your honey after purchasing it from a new “Good Stuff” store in “The Forum” shopping center in Selma TX. It was very, very good. I was amazed at how different it tastes from other honey’s I’ve tried. I am fascinated by bees making honey, and all the things bees do for us, though I know next to nothing about it. Do you folks offer any kind of tours or just “peeks around back” to see what’s going on? I’d love to bring my wife and learn about how that happens. By the way, I got into sampling different honey’s and learning about bees by listening to the Dennis Prager (nation wide) radio show on AM 930. His producer gives a weekly update on the subject and samples honey’s from around the world. His enthusiasm influenced me to try Tupelo honey from S Georgia, it was great, but so is yours. If they’ll respond to the offer I’d like to send them some of yours to sample and maybe discuss on the show, if they haven’t already.

Schertz, Texas


Dear Fowler Family,

My mom scored jars of your pure cream honey while on a road trip from Dallas to Corpus. She knew she had found a true treat — and sidetracked her trip for an extra day just to return to buy more! She brought me a jar … it has only been a few days and I’m completely hooked! It’s truly the best honey I’ve ever tasted and needless to say, it’s disappearing fast. So glad to see you online — I’ll be a frequent customer. You’ve got the magic touch. Thanks for making eating local better than ever.



We love your honey and are using it daily in our coffee, on bread just about everything we like to sweeten. I used to drag the honey back from Germany, my home, there I bought it from the local farmer, I like all natural products. After we run out I tried yours, the gallon jug at the feed store. I am sold, it is so good. Please make the jars of the yellow honey bigger these small ones don’t last but a few days. Hehe

Rosemarie and Paul


We are pleased to announce that Home Brew Party has Fowler’s Texas Pure Honey on our shelves!!! Soon people will be enjoying it’s great flavor in homemade beer and mead.

Home Brew Party
San Antonio, Texas


Thanks, Fowlers,for the fabulous honey! It’s the best I’ve ever eaten. While visiting friends in Kerrville, I ate at a restaurant that served your honey. I enjoyed it so much, I bought some and mailed it home. I always supply my Texas friends with sourwood honey from North Carolina when I visit. After tasting your honey, my husband wants to know why they would want our honey when they have such great tasting honey practically in their back yard! I’ll definitely be a happy return customer.

North Carolina


Dear Fowler Honey Farm,

How many ways or times can I say “Thank You”? I literally bought out the stores in my area that carry the Cream Honey. After the 3rd stop in search of more, it dawned on me to try the internet. And there you were. Not only did I place the order over the internet on a weekend, but here it is only Tuesday, and you can imagine my delight when I went to the post office and there it was! Now I can eat the last spoonful of the jar I have, and open a new one. I love honey and firmly believe in it’s properties of good health. But this is by far the best honey I’ve ever eaten. And the store where I purchased it agrees.

Now if you can just provide me with some added retailers in the Kerrville area, I would be in seventh heaven.

Thank you for your promptness and a wonderful product,

Hunt, TX


To the Fowler Family:

We just want to leave a note telling you how much my wife and I like your products. We have been happy customers of yours for many, many years. We just ran out of horse feed and had to go to the Producer’s Co-op Feed Store in New Braunfels, and of course had to get a gallon of Fowler’s Honey, a glass jar of Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey and a glass jar of the Amish made Fowler’s Pure Sorghum Cane Molasses Syrup made the old fashioned way, while we were getting our horse feed.

Yes we love your products and will no doubt enjoy them until the rapture comes.

Thank the Lord for Families like yours.

Robert & Mary Frances


Dear Fowlers,

I want to thank you for producing such a fine product and hope all your bees keep returning to the hive as I have heard there has been trouble in that regard. One thing you perhaps could emphasize in your advertising is what your native raw honey may do for folks allergies here in south Texas. I was advised by a friend to try it and believe me it works. I take a tablespoon every day and use it also on toast, warm rolls, and even oatmeal. It has reduced my allergy problems far more than expensive drugs. It resembles an inoculation. No snake oil here, just real relief in about a week. Thank you Fowlers so very much.

Kindest Regards,

Canyon Lake, Texas


I attended a fundraiser for the Bandat Tejeda School…I bid on and got your “honey gift set”….I am so excited as I LOVE honey…when I travel…I look for the different honey from the area… the school the other night…your daughter told me the honey was from her dad’s farm……do you have a gift shop at the farm?… or anywhere?….I would love to go see what you have…..I have two daughter’s who also love honey…..I was telling the one from Alabama about the cream honey….she is very interested in trying some…..Thank you..xoxoxo

San Marcos, Texas


Dear Fowler’s

I went to visit my mom and family just recently and as I was coming home, I stopped at a restaurant in one of the towns I was passing through on my way home to Colorado. I found your Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey in the store and bought a 10 oz jar. When I got home and tried it, I was very surprised to find that it is the best honey I have ever tasted in my life. I love honey. We have natural honey growers here where I live who are very popular, but after I tried your honey, the local stuff here tastes bitter. I tried to find your company online to reorder more, but to no avail. So I am asking if you have an order form to send me so I may purchase more of your cream honey. I love it in my tea and just eating it off of the spoon while watching TV. And, because it doesn’t make me gain weight and is healthy, it is the perfect fix for a sweet tooth. My children also like your honey very much and we would love to have it as a staple in our home. Thank you for taking the time to answer my letter of interest.

La Junta, Colorado


Dear Maam or Sir

I had to write to let you know how much I enjoy “Fowler’s Honey.” It is the best I’ve had. I’m spoiled now…the “other” brands just won’t do anymore. One day I hope to visit your farm, until then enjoy the “sweet life”. Thank you.

Lockhart, Texas


Dear Fowler Honey Farm

We purchased a jar of your Fowler’s fine cane syrup while on vacation at a fruit stand near Stonewall, TX. We just loved that great taste and our bottle is empty. Please let us know if you can help us with some information on your fine cane syrup or other products. Thank you.

Brenham, Texas


Thanks for the great syrup. I’ll be looking ya’ll up next time I make a sausage run in La Vernia.

San Antonio, Texas


Dear Fowler Family

We recently purchased some honey when we were in La Vernia visiting my grandmother. We are from Houston and love the honey so much! We were wondering if we could order some through the mail. Thank you.

Houston, Texas


Dear Fowler’s

We were thrilled with your “honey bears” and will share with family and friends so you can be sure that you are making a lot of people happy with your great product of honey! Thanks again and best wishes.



Dear Honey People

We LOVE Fowler’s Texas Pure Honey, which we bought in Seguin on our annual pecan buying trip. Please advise regarding buying more in the Austin area. Many thanks….

Austin, Texas


Dear Fowler’s

Last year, in Seguin, Texas, I bought a jar of your Sorghum; Cane Syrup, the best I’ve ever tasted since my Grandfather’s home- made sorghum molasses of many years ago. We need more and want to send a jar to my cousin in Iowa. Can you ship by mail? Thank you.

Georgetown, Texas


To Whom It May Concern

I have been searching for a retailer who stocks your honey. I have been unsuccessful. Can you help me with this? Fowler’s Honey is by far the best honey I have ever tasted. Thank you.

San Antonio, Texas


Dear Fowler’s

Thank you so much for the two jars of cane syrup. One is already gone. It has a great taste and being two country people, we really enjoy eating it at breakfast when we have country eggs and toast. We will surely pickup up some more next time we are in that area. Thanks again and may God bless your family and the Fowler Honey Farm.

Brenham, Texas


Dear Fowler’s

While down in Rock Port, TX, I bought a jar of your whipped honey. I like it so much I would like to buy about 6 more jars from you. If you would let me know how much for them and shipping and handling charges, I will send you a check. Thank you.

Las Vegas, Nevada


Dear Sir

We own a small feed store in Waelder, TX. I would like to purchase some of your products in our little store. The honey is great! Please come by or call us. Thank you.

Waelder, Texas


Dear Sir

Could you please call us and give us your whole sale prices on your honey? We have family from down your way that brought us a jar of your Fowler’s Texas Pure Honey. I believe it is the best I’ve ever tasted. We would like to fix gift baskets with your honey in it for our business. Thanks.

Abilene, Texas


My husband and I picked up some of your honey from New Braunfel’s Texas a couple of weeks ago. I gave one to my Mom who is now 92 because I knew it would make her feel good to know the honey came from our old home town of La Vernia. I just wanted to let you know the honey was delicious and brought back great memories. Thank you.

Austin, Texas