From the hive to the bottle, Fowler’s Texas Honey is pure, raw and unfiltered.  

We never pasteurize it or add fillers  – Our honey is the real deal, y’all.  

You’ve probably never tasted anything quite like it. 

It’s simple goodness is untouched so that you get all the tasty health benefits as nature intended!


Our honey bees are located in the South Texas brush country and we’ve been gathering their honey for 30 years. 

The color of honey varies from a light golden amber to a rich, deeper shade of amber...depends on the source of the nectar our honeybees feed upon (mainly Huajilla and Mesquite).


You ain’t tried honey ’til you’ve tried Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey.  

Our raw, unfiltered, pure honey is crystalized, whipped into a creamy spread, no additional additives.  

The process creates a smooth, thick and creamy honey, used on all food products as if it was regular honey.  

Eat it by the spoonful, or smear it over biscuits with a little cinnamon and butter.  Oh, my…

Curious about why raw, unfiltered honey is so wonderful?

Raw honey is filled with vitamins, minerals - including potassium and calcium - and phytonutrients that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  

It can ease a sore throat, act as a cough suppressant and give you a boost of natural energy.  

It even has antimicrobial properties, is used around the world as a protective barrier for wounds and is great for your intestinal health.  

Many of our customers have reached out to us about how their seasonal allergies are alleviated too! 

Just keep in mind that honey in general is not to be given to children who are less than 1 year old.


Did you know that honey is a humectant, making it a wonderful moisturizer?  

Pour a 1/2 cup of full fat, powdered milk along with 1/2 cup of honey into your bath.  

Mix it around and soak your way to softer skin.  

You can even add a teaspoon to your conditioner to give your hair a moisturizing boost or mix it with a bit of coconut oil for a sweet scented, natural lotion.  

Simply put the lotion on the dry area of skin and let it soak for 20 minutes before gently wiping it away with warm water.  

It can be used as an exfoliator when you take a few tablespoons of honey with a tablespoon of baking soda to make a face mask too!