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 We have enjoyed Fowler's Honey for 20 years. When we started using it, we were both suffering from allergies and spending a lot of money on medications. Once we had been using the honey for several weeks, our allergy symptoms disappeared, but we will never stop using the honey. It is DELICIOUS! We LOVE it!   Kingsbury TX

 Amazing. Most delicious honey ever.  Betsy, Austin TX

 It is the best honey I have ever tasted my daughter and I love the cream honey!    Odessa TX  

 I purchased your product, Fowler’s Texas cream honey, and gave it as gifts at Christmas time. My friends all loved it, and some have purchased from you. My family comes over to visit and all they want, the first thing, is for me to make toast so I can spread Fowler’s Texas cream honey all over the toast .  Well, I have been saving some for myself, but it looks like my kids are coming today so I am placing another order.  Thank you.   Winchester, California

 This stuff is amazing.  I wish there were a retailer in my area that sold it.  Pearland TX

 The best honey I have ever had!  Converse TX

 My kids love your honey! San Antonio TX

 I enjoy Fowler’s honey so much, that I have decided to be a returning customer over and over.  I can sum it up as being a true Texas honey.  Daly City CA  

 I found the creamed honey in Port Aransas.   We love it.  Dallas TX

 Bought the creamed honey in a store in Port Aransas.  Amazing.  Richmond TX

 We are moving to San Antonio in a month and want to get a jump start in sensitizing us to the allergies in the area!  Estero Fl

 Best tasting honey ever had.   Victoria TX

  The Air Force is moving me to Del Rio TX this summer and I am trying to get a jump start on allergy prevention.  Honey from as close to there as you collect would be appreciated if possible.  I look forward to your honey!  Honolulu HI

 I have had your honey before.  Growing up in North Texas, I helped my father with the honeybees growing trees.  Your honey brings back sweet memories.   Billy from Port Lavaca 

 My husband and I, while spending time in Texas, found your cream honey.  We purchased many jars to take home to California.  We love it, cannot say enough about your Texas Cream Honey.  Winchester CA   

 I have been looking for a local place here online!  San Antonio TX   

 I found this item at a small bakery on Hwy 90, shortly after leaving San Antonio.  Time to pass on this find to friends that love Great Honey.  Thanks.  El Paso TX

 I prefer my honey crystallized....I bought several 3# bottles that were crystallized, off the shelves at Brookshire Bros.  I stored them in my unairconditioned RV while rebuilding my home that had been destroyed by the Wimberly Memorial Day Flood, 2015.  I am just finishing the garage,         I am converting to my home, and I found my honey had un-crystallized.  If you 3 3# jars that are crystalized, I would like to purchase them, to use while my jars re-crystallize.  Wimberly TX

 While on vacation at Canyon Lake we came across this at a local grocery store and the whole family loves it!!  Saint Joseph MO

 We love your creamed honey.  We found it in San Antonio when we were on vacation the first week of February.  Thank you.  Vallejo CA

 Thank you so much for all the hard work that you have put into my order! I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your assistance and graciousness!  You and your business have shown me nothing but world class customer service! Once I receive my order, I will notify you and place an order            through your website as you had instructed in your previous email.  Again, thank you so much for your assistance and graciousness! Have a wonderful day!  Cheers,  Seattle WA

 We love your honey, and I am just glad that we're able to get it. A few years ago, I had us all eat a spoonful every morning and I swear our allergies we are a fraction of what they are now.   San Antonio TX

  My husband and I, while spending time in Texas, found your cream honey.  We purchased many jars to take home to California.  We love it, cannot say enough about your Texas Cream Honey.  Winchester CA   

 We made a pot of tea and poured into my favorite cup. The first cup I sweetened w/ Fowler honey, the second cup with honey from another 'local manufacturer'. Fowler honey is by far the better honey! P.S. are you guys on Facebook? I am a fan!  Linda

 I picked up your honey at Lubianski’s in Floresville while getting feed... that is the best honey I have ever had!!!! I took it to work and now co-workers are having me pick up jars for them...   Michelle

  Like all the other comments, your honey is the best we have ever tasted.  Bought some a while back, while we were on a road trip, and could not remember but think we bought it and was the meat market in New Braunfels, Texas.  Last weekend we saw it on the shelf of another store and                           bought another jar, no won  and then noticed we could buy it on the internet.... will be ordering that from there next and know it well be just as good as the honey.  Thank you for making such good honey.  Garden Ridge, Texas

During a recent spring "wine tasting and wildflower tour" of the beautiful hill country, I purchased a jar of your yummy Texas Cream Honey! Wow, what a delicious treat, especially on my breakfast toast or in my bowl of oatmeal! No need for butter with this wonderful honey and a little goes a long way!          However, the jar is empty today. Now I am hoping for a few more jars from my daughter for a Mother’s Day gift. (I sent her your web site) My hubby and I retired and moved from Big D to the rural piney woods of East Texas ten years ago. We have learned to appreciate even more wholesome,                    natural foods and enjoy our own vegetable garden and wild berries. Thanks Fowler Family and staff!   Sandra

 I bought your honey at a restaurant while on vacation in TX. they served it there and it is fabulous. I had to bring some home to MA. it goes great with biscuits and butter and chamomile tea!!!B   Melissa

 My mom scored jars of your pure cream honey while on a road trip from Dallas to Corpus. She knew she had found a true treat -- and sidetracked her trip for an extra day just to return to buy more! She brought me a jar ... it has only been a few days and I am completely hooked! It is truly the best              honey I have ever tasted and needless to say, it's disappearing fast. So glad to see you online -- I will be a frequent customer. You have got the magic touch. Thanks for making eating local better than ever.   Jessica

 My family enjoys your honey and molasses so much. Our local feed store has it in stock, but I run out of it so much that last month while we were in La Vernia we picked up a gallon of it and a jar of cane molasses. The honey is almost gone, and the molasses just ran out tonight. Will definitely pick             up some more this weekend. I like to buy local honey and yours is the best. You can guarantee that as long as you sell honey, you will always have a customer in me. Thank you.  Irene

 Months back, I bought a bottle of your original honey at a meat market in Marion. Just loved it, but I forgot to save the bottle so I could remember the name. Took me researching "local honey" a bit before I found your site and am so glad, I did. Local raw honey is one of the best treatments for                     anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, by the way, and yours has the added benefit of being the best honey I have ever had.  Jennifer