Shipping and Handling / Refunds

At Fowler Honey, making sure our customer is our number one priority. 

Below are some facts to be aware of before placing your order.  

If there  are any questions concerning shipping and handling/refund issues,  please let us know.  

We will always work with our customers. 

v Fowler honey uses USPS priority mail for shipping and handling.

v Please allow 3-7 business days for each shipment.

v Customers are automatically given a 10 percent discount on all  shipping and handling prices.

v We work with our customers of there is a need for a refund.


 Cream Honey is pure honey whipped until it forms into a peanut butter smooth-like spread. 

 To turn the form of the cream honey from liquid to solid could take 5-10- days.  Because this is one of our unique, popular items, there may be a chance we have run out of the item at the time of your order. 

If so, we will contact you immediately through email and let you decide if you still want to keep your order or would you like a refund.


 Due to the weight of honey, the 12 oz gallon jug of honey is only sold within Texas.

Honey is very heavy.  Honey weighs half again as much as an equal volume of water.  (

For example, 1 pint of water weighs 16 ounces, but 1 pint of honey weighs 24 ounces.

The true weight of honey by volume may vary depending on how much water is present in the honey that is used.